Ten reasons why we’re your perfect match

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1. Easy To Use

You can view and select items from our website from the comfort of your home, making your registry experience fun and hassle free.

2. Him & Her

Whether it’s birthdays, weddings, housewarmings or special events, Gajah offers an amazing selection of gift items for HIM and HER.

3. Private Appointments

Schedule a private in-store appointment with one of our experts and receive one-on-one guidance to help you build the perfect registry.

4. Group Gifting & Gift Cards

From weddings to birthdays to special events, everyone can ‘chip in’ together to make your dream come true. Gajah also offers your guests the option of purchasing gift cards.

5. Gift Wrapping & Free Delivery

You and your guests will enjoy free delivery and gift wrapping for any purchase on your registry list.

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6. Returns & Exchanges

Change your mind on an item? Not a problem. We’ll offer you an easy exchange policy or a store credit of equivalent value .
*** Store credits are valid for 3 months.

7. Registry Awards

Gift cards from guest provided for each purchase.

8. Post-Event Discount

After your big day, if there are still unpurchased items on your registry list, Gajah will offer you up to 2 weeks to purchase it at 10% OFF

9. ‘Thank You Note’ Tracker

In our ‘Manage Registry’ feature we’ll help you track who sent what, who you’ve thanked and who you still need to.

10. Bonus Gift

Gifts aren’t just given by friends. Receive a thank you gift from us when the total purchase on your registry exceeds BBD$ 2000.

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