Does Gajah Ship To Other Islands/Countries?

Currently Gajah does not offer regional/international shipping as a standard service. However, regional/international shipping is available upon request. To order, simply send an email with the items/quantity you wish to order and we will contact you with the specific shipping and handling costs, as well as the estimated shipping time. Please note that certain items may have shipping restrictions.

If I Buy An Item Online Can It Be Sent To My Home?

If you reside in Barbados and purchase items online, we will gladly deliver to your home. Please note a nominal fee is charged for all delivery.

I Would Love To Purchase An Item But Want It In A Different Colour.

Gajah will order the item you want in the colour specified (subject to availability). A down-payment is required before the order is place. Once the item is on island, we would contact you to arrange pick up or to schedule delivery.

Can I Exchange My Gift Card For Cash?

No. Once a gift card has been purchased you can only use the gift card to make purchases.

What If I Lose My Gift Card?

If you have lost your gift card, we can track it for you. If the gift card was purchased by someone other than yourself, please provide us with the original purchaser’s name. Please note that the tracking process can take up to 48 hours.

Does Gajah Provide Services For Designers, Contractors, Developers, Restaurateurs Or Hoteliers?

We are proud to offer exclusive and customized services specifically designed for the trade. Whether you own a restaurant, are a designer or have a development project coming on stream, we can order products to your exact specifications to help you complete your project. For more information visit Gajah’s Source and Design Centre or contact us at (246) 424-2524 or